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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using 
A Crystal Coast Realtor vs. For Sale By Owner

8 reasons why you should be Using a Crystal Coast Realtor vs. For Sale By Owner

First off, what is a FSBO (pronounced FIZBO)? FSBO stands for: For Sale By Owner. This means that a homeowner (you) has taken it upon themselves to sell their own home. There are a range of reasons why people do this, but let’s be honest, the main reason is thinking that there's money to be saved by not paying a Realtor® commission.

Now, before I became a real estate agent, I appreciated others' opinions regarding the need of a Realtor®. I am biased because I grew up in a real estate family so I already knew some benefits. But, I tend to be skeptical so I thought I’d look into the facts as best I could to shine some light on the subject.

Just like many other industries, the real estate market has changed by technology and other marketing platforms. This means, that it’s much more difficult to sell and advertise your home the old fashion way, either by word-of-mouth or a newspaper ad. You’ll attract most home buyers by using great photography and videography, which we’ll get into more detail below. They’re also getting distracted by all the noise on the web and you need your home to shine out among the clutter. This means having it listed on the MLS and other home listing sites, and social media.


MLS Lockboxes & Showing Services Knowing The Market & Trends Expanded Audience
Negotiations Exposure Legal Assistance & Paperwork Representation & Commissions

Fun Fact: I would like to clarify at least one claim regarding FSBO’s. Many of the statistics out on the worldwide web state different facts in terms of the quantity of FSBO’s which are in the market and how many ended up going with a Realtor. It’s important to keep in mind that the statistics include lower price-point homes, such as trailers, which tend to have a higher probability of being a FSBO than homes of a larger price-point, say in the $200,000’s. These figures skew the statistics, but even without the lower priced homes, the numbers are still in favor of hiring a Realtor versus trying to market a home on your own. Understanding that you want to preserve money when selling your home, I’m here to explain to you why it’s crucial to hire a Realtor®, and how you may even save cash, and more importantly time, in the end.

  1. MLS
    Having your home placed on the MLS can be one of the biggest advantages you can have when trying to market your home. Many Crystal Coast homes for sale are seen by people outside of our area, so having it listed on an array of websites, including MLS,, and Zillow, will allow for more potential buyers to view your property.

    Listing within the MLS will also allow for other Realtor®s to see your home and share it with their potential list of home buyers, increasing the likelihood of your home selling faster and for more money.

  2. Lockboxes and Showing Services
    This might not be the first item many home sellers consider when considering selling their home on their own, but it is a very integral piece of the puzzle. If security is what you’re looking for, then making certain that you have an electronic lockbox that uses an automated showing service can truly help.

    Sure, many large retail stores, such as Lowes or Home Depot, sell basic, combo lockboxes, that you could use. One of the biggest downsides to utilizing a combo lockbox is that once you’ve given out the combination, it can be shared with anyone. On the other hand, electronic lockboxes, such as Sentrilock, (which are only provided to Realtor®s), greatly reduce the risk of unknown parties entering your home when you aren’t there. If you don’t wish to be at the showings, yet want to know who is coming in, the best route is to hire a Realtor® to provide you with an electronic lockbox. With this, you’ll have data on the individuals who enter your home, as well as the duration of the showing.

    Showing Services, such as Centralized Showing Service (CSS), allow for a more streamlined approach to property showings. This service is only accessible through a licensed Realtor® and can come in handy when it comes to managing scheduling conflicts with showings. This also includes scheduling and needed home inspections on your property. Your time is important, and having access to a reputable showing service lets you use your time wisely and maintain a safe home.

  3. Knowing The Market & Trends
    Unless you’re thinking, breathing and eating real estate data, you’re probably not going to be as knowledgeable about your neighborhood and community as your local Crystal Coast real estate agent. For example, a Realtor® will be able to present a much better comp on other coastal properties than most any other online service. As a Realtor®, I have insights to what the local adjustments are for items such as square footage, bonus rooms, garages, etc. that an appraiser might give. I am aware of the neighborhoods and the trends that are occurring among those communities. I also keep abreast of what the local municipalities are planning to do within the area (zoning, roads, new businesses, etc.).

    So what does this mean to you as a seller? I can price your home to sell more quickly based on actual facts in the community. This means that you can get out and on with the next chapter of your life quicker than if you tried to list your home on your own.

  4. Expanded Audience
    Realtor®s are social creatures. We enjoy being out and about in our community, partly because we enjoy meeting our neighbors and getting to know our neighborhoods, but partly because we have to. In order for us to do our jobs properly, it’s important to be aware of what’s going on within our town as well as who is living here. In this, we meet a lot of folks and tend to have a larger pool of possible home buyers, or at least, access to those buyers through our networking and other contacts.

    I know, you may be telling yourself that you have quite a large friends list on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. But, did you consider how many are really in your area? And of those that are, how many are thinking of buying a home? Sure, there’s the possibility that you may find someone, but the odds are against it. With a professional business profile, I am able to target and advertise to individuals whom I think feel could be interested in buying a home, like yours.

  5. Negotiations
    The real estate process is a legal process. In addition to appraisals and escrow issues, there’s going to be negotiations and financial matters that will arise. As your Realtor®, I have your best interest at heart in each decision.

    Knowing the market helps with negotiations also. Having the knowledge of the above-mentioned market & trends allows for Realtor®s to have a leg up regarding the value of a home, including how to negotiate any repair requests.

  6. Exposure
    With the exception that you’re a decent marketer, you’ll have to spend a respectable amount of time and money on photography and advertising your home. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great avenues to market your home, but having a personal profile doesn’t provide you the opportunity to promote your property to likely buyers.

    In addition to social media, there are other outlets such as Google, which only allow for businesses to advertise their content (or in other words your property) through their services. It’s also important not to forget all the print options that can bring further exposure, and even the potential sale, to your property.

    The exposure aspect is probably the biggest factor to take into consideration when contemplating a FSBO. Especially within the Crystal Coast real estate market, where so many of our homeowners tend to be from other locations, it takes so much more than a sign in the yard and a phone number nowadays to capture a potential clients interest. Apart from you already have a buyer in mind before putting your home on the market, it would be a good idea to consider investing in a Realtor® to assist with covering some of the expenses of marketing your home. 

  7. Legal Assistance & Paperwork
    “I wish there was more paperwork involved,” said no Realtor® ever (or anyone for that matter). As time-consuming as it is, the paperwork is a necessary part of the real estate transaction. Being well versed in the real estate process can help, but you’ll want to double check that you have all of your bases covered when it comes to seller disclosures. This includes ensuring that all repairs have been agreed upon and that the appropriate paperwork has been signed.

    If you do decide to continue on with a FSBO, it might be a good idea to invest in a home warranty. If you need help finding a home warranty, please feel free to reach me and I can put you in touch with a local, Carteret county home warranty provider.

  8. Representation & Commissions
    The thought that selling a home on your own will totally eliminate the cost of paying a Realtor® sounds great, but isn’t always true. You may be trying to sell the home by yourself, but a Realtor® working on behalf of a buyer will request a buyer’s agent commission.

    With the exception that you personally know the buyer, more than likely they’ll have representation on their side to help them through the transaction. Not having a Realtor® on your team is like going to court and representing yourself. 

While the initial concept of advertising a home on your own sounds like a winning solution, the time, effort and resources needed to properly, and quickly sell your home can be quite intimidating. If you’re trying to sell your home on your own and are in the process of trying to find a new home, all of the details can become overwhelming. Enlisting the help of a qualified Realtor® can help expedite the process and potentially leave you with more money in your pocket. 

If you’re interested to discover how I could assist you with your real estate needs, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss all of our possible options.



FSBO’s accounted for 7% of homes sales in 2017. The typical FSBO home sold for $200,000 compared to $265,500 for agent assisted home sales.


Pricing Example
In the example below, we’re going to give a breakdown of basic costs when selling & marketing your home. You can see for yourself how hiring a realtor can actually boost your bottom line.
Home Price: $200,000 *please note that on average, the FSBO price can be between 20–70k less than realtor assisted sales prices
Buyer’s agent commission @2%: $4,000
Minimum Marketing Costs: Print Ad: $250; Facebook/Instagram Ad: $100; Google Ad: $300; Newspaper Ad: $200; Signage: $40; Photography: $250
Home Repairs: $8,000
Closing Costs: $2,500
Total Costs: $15,640
Total Proceeds: $184,360
Realtor Assisted
Home Price $265,500
Realtor Commissions @6%: $15,930
Marketing Costs: N/A (comes from agents pocket)
Home Repairs: $8,000
Closing Costs: $2,500
Total Costs: $26,430
Total Proceeds: 239,070

*Please note that this is simply a price comparison, not an actual example of the price of your home and doesn’t include marketing time and management. Commission rates will/may vary.